Self Titled

Matilda Ellow

A study of the relationship between anonymity, narcissism and identity in design and branding.

Brands are the greatest gift that the commercial world has given to popular culture. They simplify making choices while they also support our individuality. The items that we surround ourselves with are an important part of our identity. Through our choices, we realize ourselves as autonomous individuals. 

In our evermore individualistic society it is claimed that we become increasingly narcissistic. We make use of the terms ‘I’ and ‘myself’ more than ‘we’ and ‘us’. Everyone wants to make themselves visible in the electronic clamour by means of emotional or symbolic communication which can also give rise to shifts in our basic values. 

This project does not take a stand either for or against brands. My focus is on the sense of fellowship and belonging that brands can create. Based on my own identity I have designed three vases made of sandcast aluminium in which the form acquiesces to my name: Matilda Ellow.

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Thanks to:
Lena at Abic Kemi, Nicke at Westermalms Metallgjuteri and Klara Forsman, photographer.

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