Avskärmad [Screened off]

Ludvig Östman

Technology increasingly becomes part of our lives. Faced with continued development we need to decide how we want it to shape our situation.

Research shows that using a computer screen can lead to negative consequences such as mental ill health, difficulty in concentrating and antisocial behaviour. How can we relate to technology on a more sustainable and constructive manner?

In my graduation project I have studied how digital media influence the user. I have sought to question my own use of electronic equipment with a view to identifying positive and negative aspects and to challenge my normal, screen-based work as a graphic designer. As a consequence, I stopped using smartphone and computer for a month. My reflections on the project I have gathered into a book that was written, designed and made without the use of a computer.

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Thanks to:
Antalis and Aron Kullander-Östling.

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