Kitty Schumacher

Behind the curtain you are presented with a visual experience with moving images in which you choose yourself where you want to look. Preferably you ignore the direction you came from. And, hopefully, you will step out in a new direction – on the way to somewhere else.

Imagine a line. Is it straight? Why is that? With the line as the guiding principle, Desire_Lines examines straight as opposed to queer from a visually investigative perspective. 

The visual experience is divided into five sections in which the line if transformed from concrete visual to abstract philosophical. You are guided throughout the experience by a voice ordered from an online sound service produced by the composer Adele Marcia Kosman. 

Parts of the visual material that is used and curated is a sort of contemporary ‘readymades’: digitally available material like images from Google Earth and 3D models. In the Desire_Lines project a queer reading of the line and of popular material from the Internet is presented.

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