Josefin Zachrisson

About to make sense.

Our digitalized contemporary world has opened up the concept of spatiality. We exist in both physical and digital space - space with or without material bodies, with or without resistance.

What does it mean to be a human being in an age when our interaction with the world around us is governed by digital phenomena? Tactility is not just an innate source of satisfaction but has a profound effect on our mental and physical health. Are we losing control of our sense of touch or can the physical reactions that we get from digital impressions replace the sensations that arise from actual, physical interaction? I take the view that one option does not need to exclude the other.

In my graduation project I have studied three-dimensional design in a digital and physical context. In the borderland in between I have sought to find a method and an approach that will enable me and my intuitive and material-focused process to function. A method that brings new ways for designers to work and that can also create a new approach to design.   

No(n)sense is a concept, a process and multiple feelings in varying dimensions.

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Thanks to:
MER Arkitekter, Fotograf Frida Vega, Westermalms Metallgjuteri and BRITAB.

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