Mitt inres röst [My inner voice]

Jon Allensten

My interior has long been a struggle between reason and heart. Reason has often been the victor. Until the day when I dared to open up to what had always been there, what it is that constitutes my inner voice.

Throughout my adult life I have been torn between two worlds. On the one hand the conventionally expected world. And on the other, the secret one, hidden in the depths of my being. This collection portrays this struggle. It shows a longing for a creative life, a life that no one knew anything about. It summarizes my interior journey from day to day. 

In working on the collection I have, primarily, started from the history of clothes and the dress codes of the business world. I have interviewed people I studied with when I was reading economics at Lund University, people who continued on the careers that we started together. People who, today, have become successful in the business world. Their ideas and reflections on dress codes in the business world caused me to see the business suit as a protective casing. I have sought to examine what happens when the protective casing cracks open and a planned career is laid waste.  

Besides the fabrics that are used in the classical businessman’s clothing, frills and floral patterns are also fundamental design elements, details that I have returned to throughout my three years at Beckmans.

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Thanks to:
Amélie Marciasini Katebi, Lisa Sander, Rodebjer, Tobex AB, Habitex Agenturer AB, Faering Ltd and Kviman Textil.

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