Stadsglänta [Urban glade]

Eric Svensson

With new demands and ideals, increased density of urban housing and reductions in government grants there are fewer and fewer places for children to play.

In view of the fact that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will become law in Sweden on 20thNovember 2020, I want to stimulate interest and encourage initiatives that bring children into the creation of a more play-friendly townscape as well as increasing interest for play and creativity in the urban environment.

I have chosen to study playgrounds and areas that are free for children to play on with graphic design in focus. With my interest in graphic design and spatiality in dialogue with children and teachers I have worked on creating prototypes for a ‘playscape’ which I see as the designation of a play area in the hope of generating creativity and imagination. This is a fictitious treatment of a place that has grown out of the street and that plays with the densely planned city. 

With inspiration from various design tools I have conducted workshops for preschool and primary-school children from the suburb of Östberga and this has led on to my project entitled Stadsglänta.

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Thanks to:
Linda Shamma, Rose Hallgren, Codesign, Vink Essåplast Group AB och ABIC Kemi AB.

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