Self8 Love

Emma Wåhlin

An individual’s diverse personas. How one presents oneself based on emotional condition, social codes, objects and contexts.

In reaction to what I have experienced as a standardized form of expression and self-representation, I want to add something genuinely playful that defies borders. My collection visualizes thoughts about freedom, strength, vulnerability and their bodily sites. I experiment with symbols and stereotypes, objects that act as emotional triggers and that fill certain autonomous functions. 

The silhouettes of the collection find strength in an animal nature with varieties of focus, three more vague ones in relation to one that is more dominant, with the torso of the body, the calves and the elbows in relation to an injected and historically constructed backside. An attempt at distorting the body’s realistic proportions alters both the wearer’s and the recipient’s perception. Reflections, mirrors and references to portraiture aim to illuminate a free, strong and vulnerable love of the ego. The right to portray oneself in the desired apparition. Self8 Love presents, in a restrained manner, eight variations of an individual.

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Thanks to:
Alexander Krantz, Kristoffer Banks, Emma Serner, Yanis Dorey, Kerstin Bedinger, Britta Knuutila, Anita Wåhlin and Margareta Sundström.

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