Material Goods

Elsa Ericson Ekdahl

Material Goods is a project in glass and metal that examines how fashion can be interpreted, inspire and applied to product and furniture design.

My project is based on experimentation with materials in which I have examined how different techniques and methods inspired by fashion methods can be used in design. From these experiments I established a library of materials and techniques on which I have based the project.

Much of the work, beyond that of inspiration from the fashion industry, has focused on the materials used in the objects. How do material and form relate to each other? Can I work at creating recognition in the material by using design methods that shape themselves in a particular way? And can this ultimately lead to the objects complementing each other and creating a context – a look? My experience of different materials in relation to themselves and others has, therefore, beyond inspiration from fashion, been central to design. 

The vases Pearly and the table Pleat are intended as parts of a larger collection on the same theme. In the collection the objects will relate to each other through form and material. But they should also be able to combine with other objects without losing their own value.

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Thanks to:
Oscar Andersson and Robert Mood, Kollektivet Svart. Eino Mäkelä and Gunilla Kihlgren. Rasmus Nossbring. Sven Kimblad and Niklas Kraft, Kimtech. Peter Sjödahl, Damstahl.

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