Miljömedborgare [Environmental Citizen]

Daniel Thor

Can we persuade children to participate actively in the struggle for a better climate based on an idea about environmental citizenship? Can the children’s commitment and enthusiasm also be passed on to us adults?

In spite of increasing numbers of alarming reports that testify to a deteriorating situation for the climate, we adults are not really willing to adapt and to alter our long-established way of life. 

By creating environmental citizen’s badges for children this project aims to encourage a new generation of environmentalists to grow up and to lead the changes necessary to achieve a better world. With a growing awareness of how we live and what we can do to influence nature we can create the essential conditions for a sustainable lifestyle. 

The intention of the environmental citizenship badge is to educate, to establish participation and to encourage children to feel proud when they concern themselves about the climate.

To all adults: prepare to live more sustainably because a new generation of environmental citizens is coming.

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