Let’s Talk Color!

Asta Westermark Florestedt

Can I, by altering the form of an object, influence the character of a color?

In my experience, the matter of color in product and furniture design, is regarded as a secondary issue. All too often, the matter of color is just something to worry about at the end of the design process. Is there a potential for developing design by placing form and color on an equal footing in a design process? 

Based principally on qualitative methods I have undertaken various experiments to examine and deepen my understanding of the relationship between color and form. My studies have dealt with the potentials of color, in relation to form, volume, surface, soft and hard edges, shadows and light. The project has also enabled me to find tools for working with color in my designs. As part of this process I have designed various cast objects that vary in shape with a view to examining how the character of colors is altered. 

With Let’s Talk Color! I have sought to invite a discussion of form and color. The project constantly gives rise to new questions and it is, for me, the beginning of all sorts of further studies.

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Thanks to:
Anja Palmgren, Per Nimér och ABIC Kemi AB and Zumtobel.

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