Embodied Dysmorphia

Anne Skoug Obel

Products influence our mental health and our social norms. By means of an interactive mirror I have tried to examine our self-images and our personal ideals.

I have struggled with my self-image. I have seen just how powerful social norms are and which of them I want to resist. There are taboos about discussing depression, anxiety, self-image and personal ideals, so that other people can be more comfortable with themselves or learn more about their problems. If the ideals disappear, can we become more comfortable with ourselves regardless of what our bodies actually look like? 

I have created an interactive mirror which increasingly distorts the user’s image as she approaches the mirror. The aim is that people should, rather, focus on colours, textures or small, abstract forms rather than on one’s expectations from the mirror image. Since the image becomes increasingly distorted the closer one gets, one should become more dissociated with regard to one’s mirror image and, perhaps realize that one is more than merely one’s own reflection.

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Thanks to:
STHLM Mattor.

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