Adam Swärd

Mada represents the self-realization that we can create with clothing. Mada is my path to self-fulfilment.

My Mada project is grounded in my own development as a person and what it means to be able to freely express who I am without referring back to social constructions in my surroundings. I want to illustrate how I have built myself up using aesthetic methods and have become my own muse. Mada is my way of explaining that you can become the person you want to be. It is a call to self-realization as well as to personal liberation. 

My aim with the project is to question current norms about sex or gender by playing with textiles and using the body’s sensuality as a form of expression. Above all I want to lift up individuals like myself, and others who identify themselves as being outside the current norms. Placing my Mada character on others and manifesting the belief that everyone can create themselves. Transporting the wearer to a world of glitter, pearls and silk. 

I identified Mada in myself and I encouraged her/him. This is a way of praising myself and of questioning the norms that prevent us from seeing ourselves as totally free.

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Thanks to:
Marina Kereklidou, Tim Mårtensson, Nathalie Simone-Bespoke, Ruth-Hannah, Inga-Britt Swärd and Michelle Klemendz.

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