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For the last three years, these graduating students have acquired an understanding of visual communication by means of courses that have helped to promote an artistic, technical, communicative and social approach to their subject. In a mix of individual tasks and group assignments students have developed their own idiom as well as a personal approach to the broad complex of visual communication. 

The graduation show is the result of their longest and most autonomous course. Students have worked on their projects for 18 long weeks – a highly demanding task in itself – in their search for methods that will enable them to reach their goals.          

Since the subject of visual communication always communicates a message or content, visitors to the show will gain both insights into the subject content that interests our students in the spring of 2019 as well as the ways in which they choose to present this content. 

When a class has studied together for three years one becomes aware of certain things they have in common but, fortunately, the students also retain their differences. Subjects that the students have worked on include everything from social issues like solitude, stereotypical descriptions of gender and contraceptives for men, critical consumer issues about how technical possibilities influence the climate and studies of children’s games and learning. The students’ realizations of their projects make use of a multitude of different media: films, printed materials, digital platforms, websites, objects and installations with a focus on visitors. 

We hope that, when visitors leave the exhibition, they will have experienced and learnt something new; for those of us responsible for tutoring the projects certainly have!   

Samira Bouabana
Programme Director 

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