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Fashion is one of the most rapidly changing forms of artistic expression. Accordingly, the fashion designer’s training needs to be in constant interaction with contemporary society but must also be the engine that drives these changes.

At Beckmans, realizing the idea is central. Our courses are concerned with the entire process from inspiration and research to the finished garment as presented on the runway. A unique feature of Beckmans is our collaboration with the fashion industry. We see such collaboration as a method for practice-based study. Collaborations generate opportunities for students to learn in close contact with reality or with the branch of the industry in which the young designer will be working. Collaboration is also concerned with learning to work with other people and with supporting each other’s development.           

Sustainability and creativity go hand in hand which means that tomorrow’s designers have an important role to fill regardless of whether, on completing their courses here, they choose to start their own brand based on principles of sustainability, to continue their studies with a prestigious masters’ course or start out as a designer at a French fashion house. A future in the fashion industry will be greatly concerned with developing strategies for changing consumer patterns but also with how we relate to clothes. The tasks that our students face are to change, to inspire and to educate. This year’s graduate projects are an excellent example of this. Several of them are concerned precisely with viewing issues in a new and a more nuanced manner. They may show concern about ideals of body image or of the concept of fashion. Others concern themselves with the scars that we all carry with us throughout our lives. What they all have in common is that they are concerned with altering our future.   

Pär Engsheden
Programme Director

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