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When our graduating students started their training a few years ago, they came to the college with very different levels of knowledge, experience and dreams. Differences are something that we try to retain, refine and develop since they contribute to the multiplicity of products and environments that we need. Our students have in common such matters as artistic talent, willpower and a desire to express themselves, to increase their knowledge and to have an opportunity of working alongside people who share these aspirations. Working together has expanded their knowledge bank and they have now mastered methods and processes that have prepared them to take responsibility for assignments as well as creating important projects of their own within the field of design.

Characteristic of this year’s graduates is a strong sense of community and of respect for one another. We can trace certain common themes that they have chosen to approach in different ways. Several of the students have looked inwards, seeking to find answers to both large and small problems. There is a sense of curiosity towards issues, behaviours and the way in which things affect both the environment and people living in it, and they explore this by testing existing methods or by inventing new ones. Some of these have resulted in objects that may affect our collective consciousness and promote recognition, while others create applications that shift the boundaries of what design can be. I believe that many of this year’s graduate students from the Product Design programme will contribute to the border expansion that design production is ready to undertake in order to produce designs that are relevant today as well as tomorrow.    

Margot Barolo
Programme Director 

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