Tobias Gerhardsson

Jamtish is spoken in Jämtland, a northerly province of Sweden. It is a dialect or language, depending on whom you ask, and risks disappearing. My project is a declaration of love for the Jamtish language that I have grown up with, and an analysis of the words and feelings that the dialect contains.

The project is an audio-visual narrative about a strange and unique dialect, about the people who speak it and the places they come from. With the aim of enlightening the public as to the existence of the Jamtish language and to increasing the presence of the dialect on the Internet, the result of the project is a website on which the language can survive and can be experienced. And so the project is also an attempt to examine and demonstrate the potential of websites as a medium for narrating history.

Besides presenting the history and content of the Jamtish language, the aim of my project is to answer questions about the origin, identity and preservation of the language. Why should we preserve languages? What role does identity play? What methods should we use for preserving languages? After four years of being a “Jämt” in exile I went back to Jämtland in order to attempt an answer to these and other questions with the help of the inhabitants themselves.



Thanks to:
Jamtarna, Bengteric Gerhardsson.

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