Liza Forslund

Pione(h)er is an alternative history journal in which ten selected creators have interpreted Sigrid Hjertén, Ada Nilsson, Barbro Alving, Anna Riwkin and Alva Myrdal.

Of people who are mentioned in history textbooks in Swedish schools 85 percent are men, giving the impression that women have not achieved anything in history that is worth mentioning. Since the second wave of feminism there have been repeated attempts to give women the place in the history books that they deserve. But opposition, for example from publishers who do not want to pay for the changes necessary for including more women, has ensured that women are still under-represented in the history books.

My project, Pione(h)er, is an attempt to remind us once again that there are women worth remembering when history is being written.

Besides narratives of interesting and important women I also want to offer an alternative way of gaining access to history. Accordingly, in my publication I have given five women writers and five women creators free hands to produce personal interpretations of a woman from Sweden’s modern history. The publication provides an initial introduction to the subject and I hope to be able to generate an interest among other people to want to go on reading about these fantastic women in our history.

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