Anne Harvala

Public environments are for all of us. They are the places where we spend our time when we are outside our homes. How they are furnished has an effect on us, both physically and mentally. Taking part in and influencing these settings by designing appropriate products and furniture is my passion.

I saw my exam project as an excellent opportunity for designing for the public sector and I wanted to work in as much of a real-life situation as possible.

Accordingly, I chose to collaborate with the firm of Mitab and I asked them to formulate a brief. The assignment they came up with was to produce a series of supports for existing table tops that can cope with uneven floors as well as having an identity which would not draw too much attention to itself and that was adapted to the company’s manufacturing abilities. This suited me admirably because tables are items that I generally notice. I often come across tables that do not stand firm on the ground or that rely on supports that make it difficult to sit at them in a comfortable position.

These are problem areas that I have addressed in my project and that I have provided with alternative solutions. My Unify support allows a table top to function as a coffee table, a dining table or a stand-up table.

Telefon: +46 70 767 89 99

Thanks to: 
Mitab Produktion AB, Remer Consulting AB, Photographer Joakim Bergström AB.

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