VISUAL PLEASURE _women on screen

The title Visual Pleasure comes from the essay Visual pleasure and narrative cinema by the feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey, where she wrote about the male gaze and the Freudian madonna– whore complex.

It all started when I bought a shirt in a tourist shop this summer. The shirt had a beer ad print with naked girls on it. I got that love –hate feeling and bought it, I wanted to see what happened if I as a woman wore it when it’s so clearly meant for a man. I started to wear it and got different reaction, I got the feeling of power, and of taking over the picture. 

I worked with Internet porn ads that constantly comes up on my computer while streaming movies, you see them constantly online but it wouldn't be acceptable on a bus stop on our way to work. I wanted to recontextualize the pictures to recode them. I experimented with printing the ads on leather and swimsuits and draping them in silk. A way for me to deconstructing them.

Mixing those cheap Internet porn ads with the symbolism in the Baywatch swimsuit a way of balancing between the symbolic sexy garment and the degrading exotifying banners in porn ads. Adding to that the big white shirt with cuff buttons was a way of integrating a male power symbol with prints of the text from the Internet porn ads.