Distorted Emotions

Abstract, surrealistic patterns and colour combinations relating to  innermost feelings.

In my project I have examined body painting to cover scars. To me, scars are a species of pattern on the body that we all bear with us throughout our lives. Scars are also signs of personal experiences and they become, in time, part of one’s identity.   I have chosen to talk about my invisible scars, scars that I bear on the inside and that I want to express on the body in the form of surrealistic abstract patterns. 

The surrealist feeling recurs in the distortions that I have created in the garments by using draping. Besides this I have also experimented with contrasts in the silhouettes, close-fitting contrasted with volume, to see how the garments can be adapted to suit different bodily shapes.

The material in the collection is also characterized by contrast in which airy and transparent fabrics contrast with denim and leather. By making use of knitted fabrics that can be shaped to suit different types of bodies I want to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive ideal body.

Model:Britney (le management) 

Makeup:Makeup Academy  

Hair: Noir Stockholm   

Photo: Mathias Nordgren