About Beckmans College of Design

Beckmans College of Design is a leading design college in Stockholm and a meeting point for creative and artistic progress with significant relevance to society and its development.

Praxis-based design on an artistic foundation

A venue devoted to promoting the knowledge that is associated with praxis-based design on an artistic foundation by practice, research and questioning. Curiosity, empathy and aesthetics are combined by means of focused teaching and collaboration. Students seek to understand how contemporary messages and formulations of what design may embrace and how design as a cultural manifestation in dialogue can influence society as a whole. 

Beckmans College of Design has 123 students and a staff of 30. Students also have access to guest lecturers and the school collaborates closely with professionals with whom we share interests. Three BA courses are on offer (180 points): Visual Communication, Fashion and Design. The limited scale of the school ensures that all students are visible to everyone at Beckmans as well as providing a focus to our work.

New perspectives

The school is currently at a stage in its development in which new knowledge and new perspectives on humanism, diversity, equality and sustainability permeate issues that are directly concerned with broadening our educational base and promoting the quality assurance of our design subjects. This is not just a matter of issues specific to Beckmans but to society at large. Design creates essential conditions for both cultural and economic developments and so teaching in the design field has a very important place in today’s society in which visual and material culture are consumed and need to be challenged and questioned.