3. Salominka Shelf

I just cut myself on a piece of straw, my finger tip hurts and is slowly
beginning to bleed. This is not a traumatic memory but one of my finest. I was two years old and my mother used to take me along to her classes at an art school in Vitebsk, Belarus. She taught a traditional Russian craft that could be described as straw inlay. I recall the many beautiful colours of the dyed straw. A year later, we moved to Sweden. As an individual with roots in a different culture, I am part of an immaterial cultural heritage that will always live in my soul and in my hands. It springs from Russian folktales, from the illustrated Russian books I used to read as a child, from Russian art, music, literature and crafts. In Russian crafts, natural, pale materials are often embellished with colours and shapes.

Salominka is a furniture collection that explores colour, form, composition and spatiality; the surface treatment is achieved with a decorative crafts technique developed by me, which is an interpretation of my background and an aim to preserve, interpret and develop historical craft techniques, let them meet the modern world and unify them in a multicultural meeting along with my personal aesthetic touch.

Salominka is the Belarusian word for a piece of straw.

Art Direction: Lina Forsgren