Kettle Pod

En vattenkokare för induktionshäll. Insidan har en vattenpelare som visar hur mycket vatten den fylls med.

A kettle for an induction hob

I am fascinated by the bond users create to products, and how I can influence this as a designer. What is it that makes us keep an object and care for it and perhaps even pass it down to the next generation?

An electric kettle is an object found in practically every household, and it is regarded as a disposable product due to its relatively short lifespan – which is largely due to its built-in electronics. When the electric kettle loses its capacity to heat water, it loses its value and is merely a combination of many different materials and components that are difficult to recycle.

I wanted to design a kettle that takes one step back in time and two steps into the future. A kettle on the induction hob fills the same criteria for effectiveness and energy-saving as an electric kettle on the kitchen counter. Moreover, it is designed to be a centrepiece, and it begs to be used, cared for and cherished.