A furniture series that embraces geometrical shapes. A series of rebels provoking the status que, by letting the technical and functional details stand in the center of

the design. A minimalist sculpture that challenges its surroundings with every edge, angle and line in its quest for geometric precision. Made in pine, cut in sections and then plunged together. They are painted by hand to get a matte imperfect surface that gives a sense of harmony and a fulfilled feeling of serenity.

The cushions are sewn by hand by my sister and design student Sinar Alexis. The furniture is made by a craftsman from my home town in Eskilstuna.

Sizar Alexis was born in Ankawa, a suburb of Erbil in northern Iraq. He belongs to the minority population Kaldéer, which is the native population of Mesopotamia.
Itooraba comes from ”itota rabtha” which means large seatings in Caldeic. The term is used at the larger invitation to welcome and show guests appreciation.