Close your eyes and visualize a place you’ve been to. All the
beauty that lled your senses in the moment you experienced there, now transformed and broadcasted to others around you through Glitch. Imagine taking social media one step further; now you can do more than just share your experiences with others through vlogs. With Glitch, create a better you.

Glitch is a microchip implant thats shows people around you the countries you’ve traveled in, the concerts you’ve seen, even the smell of the last restaurant you went to. And if you’re not satis ed with your own life, customize Glitch to simulate the one that you wish you had.

‘The concept behind the Glitch project is to imagine how perfumes could be designed in a futuristic world where images are the new fragrances of ourselves. In a world where people are already so concerned with their perceived image, Glitch takes social media culture to another level. The plexiglass design represents the glitch where the digital era and reality meet - this perfume gives users the power to alter the very essence of themselves that they want to share. A glitch in the world we live in has become part of nature, in a product that seems beautiful but means that self-branding is not con ned to the screen anymore: now it’s literally under your skin.