Enclothed cognition

It has long been known that clothes influence how others see us, but research has shown that the clothes we are wearing also influence our own mental processes. Scientists call the phenomenon “Enclothed cognition”.

A study at Northwestern University in the USA caused me to reflect on how different sorts of garments are charged with symbolism and how they ultimately influence the wearers. In my exam project I have chosen to challenge the categorization of garments by attempting to depart from classical definitions of garments. I have asked myself what I, as a fashion designer, can bring to the development of fashion and the psychological influence it has on us, by means of colour, form, texture and silhouette. I have created a collection that gives the wearer the preferential right of interpretation to be able to decide where and how they wish to wear the various garments. I have tried to create a Utopia or a dream world in which the wearer is free from categorizations and limitations that the classical garment definitions produce.