Leather vase


In this project I worked with glass and leather as materials. I made an vase that is changeable and can fit a whole bouquet but change and also be used just for one or two flowers. The opening in the vase can be wider or smaller depending if you have the leather top on, or off. Inside the leather top it is an edge that meets the glass for making it stabile. The leather is thinner on the edge down, for a nice meeting with the glass. Otherwise it should be quite thick leather to make a stabile top. In the project I thought about the difference from me and my grandmother in the use of vases. She have a lot of different sizes and vases for different purposes. I want to have just one vase that works for all flower-purpose. The reason for that is lack in storagespace and sustainability-reasons.

The leather is supposed to be treated to stand som water, but I also thought it would be nice and poetic, if it with time will have some watermarks and spots as a reminder of old ”flower-memories”. It is supposed to also come in an oxblood-colored version on the leather. This model is made in an handcrafted way but can also be changed to an industrial production.