CUMULUS graduate collection


My collection is called Cumulus witch is latin for accumulation. I look at my work as a sort of collection of objects, a mix of my interests and my own collected objects ­– an accumulation of what is me.

 Old things have always fascinated me. Mostly because they have a story to tell; studying art and antiques, or just be in an historic environment gives me energy.

To be standing in front of Marie Antoinette’s house at Versailles and imagine her once standing in the exact same spot, or walking through the Vatican museums where Botticelli and Michelangelo painted their frescos inspires me.

 A big source of inspiration in this collection are cabinets of curiosities with all their hidden objects in different materials and structures collected from nature, as well as paintings from the 17th and 18th century where women are portrayed wearing all their most precious clothes and jewellery.

 I’ve numbered each object in a way to create my own limited edition collection of objects.

 Show at Berns, Stockholm 2014