Bespoke a New Generation

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Naim Josefi has worked with men’s fashion equivalent of haute couture – tailoring for men, or bespoke. Throughout the process, he has carefully followed the rules of tailoring traditions, such as try-outs, needlework by hand, piké making, pressing and correct groundwork. He has then let it collide with contemporary denim expression, where different types of wearing stand as references for classic fabrics for men – a way of challenging the norms also within the jean culture.

Director of film


Maja Bergström used the crafting process behind the collection as a starting point for her film. She could see no other option but to try and capture the story and the atmosphere within an almost forgotten art form – the art of men’s tailoring.

DoP: Paul Evans
Assistant camera: Jörgen Stegard
Gaffer: Jim Johansson
Grip: Kalle Wallén
Set designer: Emma Mierse
Set designer assistant: Kristoffer Ferm
Actor: Thorsten Flinck
Model: Martin, Stockholmsgruppen
Hair & makeup: Emma Nygren
Stills photographer: Jenny Lexander
Production assistant: Linn Mork
Location manager: Christer Götrich
Driver: Linn Stigsson Stern

VFX: Sture Pallarp
Grading: Kaj Ivanovic, The Chimney Pot
Music: Diis Paradiis/Rikslyd

Thank to:

Götrich, Tygverket, Johan Waldén, Hedvig Bergman, Mariam Avalinejad, Emma Nygren,Milène Larsson at Vice, Krister at Kwalitel, Henric Larsson at The Chimney Pot, Kodak, Mässings Mäster, The Royal Opera, Mocco, Jacobs Krog, Halil Alpek, Malin Bergström