In function as well as beauty, Gro uses glass’ ability to transport light.
There is a human need to watch something grow. The care and tenderness in cultivating and seeing something prosper makes us feel good. Gro is a greenhouse in miniature for a seed you want someone to look after and bring to blossom.
Plants have always had great functional value, but they also possess strong symbolic meanings. A sprouting seed can be given away as a symbol of new beginnings. A love seed can be given away at weddings or engagements; a knowledge seed can be given at graduation; a lucky seed when a big challenge lies ahead. The wild strawberry thrives in a child’s first greenhouse.
The greenhouse can host the three initial stages of a seed’s development, from seed to shoot to the development of true leaves. Plants like Forgetmenot, four-leaved clover and wild strawberries have enough space to flourish inside the capsule.
Gro’s pod-like container recreates the protective and nurturing atmosphere of a greenhouse. The shape is derived from the cocoon – the organic container reminiscent of a seed.
   The glass, 1.5 mm thick, is clear, but can also contain patterns of tiny, enclosed bubbles of air. The bubbles bring associations to vegetation, water and dew, and bring out the natural condensation which forms inside the pod.
In the bottom of the capsule, a set of bars is placed to keep the right level of moisture in the soil. The spout acts as a ventilation hole – it allows for oxygen to come in, condensation to come out, and keeps the proper temperature inside the capsule. The top part can be removed and used to water the seed.
Gro comes with a bag of seeds, care instructions and a description of the plant.