The Legendary Signature Collection

I celebrated my internal victory, a journey that became legendary.
I used my inside as the instrument for inspiration in this collection - my heart, my feelings and my passions.
I gave myself no limits whatsoever, everything was possible, no matter the cost or the effort needed.
Incorporating symbols, smoke substance when the legend rises, my shadow, surrealistic undertones and the visualization of immortality in the collection.
I wanted to give this collection multiple facets and to make it cryptic. This collection is kept together by my heart.
I´ve done a lot of experimenting with materials: digital photo-printed smoke, waterjet-cutted pvc, 3D-aluminium together with built-in jewellery.
The collection is symbolic and powerful, in a long silhoutte.

The heart I´ve shown, and the legend I became, will be forevered remembered.

Thanks to:
Caroline Coric, Adam Fuss, Ken Shamrock, Naim, Obik, Plast-Petter, Stockholms vattenskärning, Tobex, Upplands Vattenskärning, Sandra Domeij, Tomas Nordin, Pär Engsheden, Lena Kvarnström, Lisbeth Ståhlborg, Skobranschrådet, Flux, David Wiksten, mamma.