Gallerian Fashion Award 2008

The interest in fashion has exploded in Sweden in recent years. Consumers have increased their power through media and Internet and reduced the gap between the fashion industry and the public.

With unannounced preview fashion shows, one on a subway station and one at the Tax Authorities (Swedish National Tax Board) we wanted to change the way we regard fashion and emphasize the shift in power that has already occurred. Instead of collection previews for the already convinced elite, we wanted to give priority to those who never get an invite. The fashion shows were documented and the films got widely spread on the Internet through sites, blogs and email. They all linked to the main site where all the information about the event could be found together with behind the scenes material, interviews and reviews.

Reviwes from ordinary people who saw the shows first where used as invitations that also worked as two sided posters together wit a photo from the show. Ads in newspapers followed the same theme with new reviews every day. Directed to the fashionistas who were overlooked but who could go and see the entire collection at Gallerian on 13 November.

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Art direction: Anton Östholm, Victor Pyk & Maria Fridman
Photo: Madelein Atterhem
Cinematography: Anton Östholm, Victor Pyk & Boomerangfilm