Swedish Love Story

Lifestyle or Life?

Denim ads are almost always absent of clothes for, as Renzo Rosso put it, "Diesel is not a pair of jeans, it's a way of life." So merging the consumer with the brand identity is what denim is all about or?
This project tries to dissolve the gaps between lifestyle and life, advertising and reality. A pair of jeans each was given to Hedda and Gustav, a couple to be married. They wore them for days, it was documented by enigmatic photographer Johannes Helje and finally put out for auction on eBay.
Have we gone beyond commercial reality and created real artifacts charged with true feelings? What is the difference between those Acne jeans and "those" Acne jeans? And is anybody interested in buying the 'real' real (real) thing?

Unwashed indigo denim, eco-cotton. Good stories last longer than high waists.

Watch the auction here (Safari webarchive)

Concept and Design: Erik Annerborn and Ilona Rius
Photography: Johannes Helje
Models: Hedda Viå and Gustav Olars