"Are you going foxhunting, dear?"

Knitwear show at Fashion Week by Berns 2009

What’s it all about? Men? It’s about the feeling of being caught in a compulsory tradition, the demand to follow rules, to conform to ideals which seem narrow-minded and excluding. It’s about devoting lots of energy to details and old values, making you disregard the true and honest picture of someone. To follow traditions for the sake of doing so without questioning. To find complete security in doing things the old way and to make it legitimate only because it is known as the common way. Is it a facade? An ivented, well polished surface assigned to the successful man? Masculinity all dressed up. Power all dressed up. Everywhere you see this little fellow looking exactly like his own father- tidy and with the same ideals. The classic male. Classic, What does it mean? Cowardice? The lack of courage to break the tradition?


How provoking can it be to wear pink sequins on a tailored suit? The issue is always: what are you allowed to wear? How much skin can you show? How feminine may you be? Rules!

So, are you going foxhunting, dear? If not, why do you look like you belong to the English gentry? Why not wear sequins instead - wouldn’t that look nice?