Origami nemuro


A sleeping place is often static in both its expression and function, even though the need for sleep is everything but static when you live together. One wants to read whilst the other wants to sleep. One rises early whilst the other has a lie-in. The soft module Kuro transforms the bed according to the user’s needs. Make a blackout, a headboard, a silencer or just a decoration of an unmade bed.


How can you make a sleeping place which is sustainable, flexible and personal?


The bed Kami has a bedding that is foldable according to needs and the bedside table Fuji has the shape of an extended tetrahedron. The shapes of the three units are inspired by origami, geometry and the golden ratio. The choice of materials, where life cycle thinking is central, is influenced by the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi. What nature has created can be decomposed by nature.

Thanks to: Bozzolo beds, Bogesunds Väveri, Fredells Byggvaruhus, and Seng Shui: silk wadding quilts and pillows.