The future of school?


When some schools want to raise their educational status they buy new interior. This is not sustainable through an ecological or economical point of view, the most efficient way to raise the educational quality would instead be to raise the wages of the teachers salaries and thereby their status as a profession.


How can we save recources and money through upcycling our existing furniture?


I propose to bring out all the working furniture from the basements of many schools, which have been put there when new ones have been bought, and paint them in strong colours with the help of students. This will create an event and a bond to the furniture which hopefully increases the caretaking.

In my project, I remade 12 chairs, 3 tables, one lamp and a wastebin from a school in Nacka where I grew up. They are now forever immortalized through a process book called Framtidens skola? (The future of school?)