Second prize winner in a competition held by Barnens Bokklubb, to design a bookend for members of www.bokstodet.se, which is a website for children and young adults with reading and writing difficulties.


Dyslexia is a learning disorder that manifests itself as a difficulty with reading decoding, reading comprehension and/or reading fluency. It concerns approximitely 4 to 8 percent of the population.

In my research I found parents and teachers of dyslexic children emphasizing the importance of daily reading, to enhance the learning. They talked about motivation through the setting of goals, and rewarding when the goals were met.


How can you make a bookend which inspires and motivates dyslexic children and parents to read, which is easy to distribute via mail?


My idea is based on a "motivational bookmark", which is to be used in the daily reading. The parent and child together creates a goal and reward, which the child is beeing reminded of every day. This makes it easy to adapt according to the childs age and interests, making the goal and reward very personal.

The shape of the bookend was inspired by origami and how you fold "dog-ears" in books. The importance was to make it take up as little space in the postal service as possible, to make it sustainable, easy to produce and playful.

The ambition is to use a recyclable material in production, preferrably a stronger version of paper.