In a perfect world...

In a perfect world unpredictability is absolute control.

This is a fashion film created for Carina Sahlin’s fashion concept on the theme; "What fashion wold be like in a perfect world". Her vision was to, in every collection, collaborate with a different artist to make the end result unpredictabel.

In this collaboration/collection she chose Clay Ketter. He is known for his work with art ideas about decay and human frailties, such as natural catastrophes, witch was my, Kalle Hagman and Petter Prinz inspiration for this film.

See the fashion film here

Our Class, divided in 6 grops, made 12 fashion films together. One for each of the Beckmans fashion students of class 2010. This resulted in an exhibition at the PUB department store in Stockholm.

About the second film:
In a perfect world life is not a problem to be solved

Matilda Sandströms vision for a perfect world of fashion was for fashion to be fashion and not a trend. What is fashion for you? and do you make yore own choices or does the fashion industry make them for you? She questioned her own decisions and taste as a designer. A struggle within.

Also see our second fashion film here