Brämhults Rejuice

Brämhults Juice is well known for their natural juice and minimal effect on the nature. One exampal is that every piece of fruitshell is recycled to bio-gas or cow-food.

Create a campaign that communicates Brämhults Juice environmental awareness and philosophy. The target audiance is young people between the age of 15-30. The tone of voice should be inspirational and fun.

A new bottle refund system! We created a website with three inspirational films where Brämhults Juice started to reuse their own bottle in all kinds of ways. We also encouraged other people to upload their creative rejuiced-ideas at Brämhults Juice Youtube channel. If you recycle your bottle youll get a new bottle of juice in refund.

Creative team & Film production Petter Prinz and Kalle Hagman Beckmans College of Design