Humans are one of few animals who are able to recognize their own reflection, wich means that we have a consciousness. Scientists have recently discovered that some apes, elephants and bottlenosed delphins share this attribute. This is one of the reasons that these animals, such as the human, live in hierarchic social groups wich contains of several generations. They also have a well-developed ability to communicate.

The mirror carries a long history. It has been developed and adapted after the human och is an important part of many cultures around the world. For an exampel, many belived that the mirror is a portal to another world, 

a parallel universe. The mirror has also been associated with the sun.


The first mirror-like objects that humans was collected water in different types of vessels. Dark water was preferred to get a more clear reflection. One of the first manufactured mirrors was made of pieces of polished obisian (black volcanic glass). I got interested in these black mirrors and desided to design a mirror inspired by obsidian.


The organic shape of my mirror is inspired by limestoneformations wich is common in caves. Mirrors were viewed as metaphors for sacred cavers and conduits for supernatural forces in the mesoamerican culture.