Mass produced individualism

 Modern industry has given us the economics and scale, but in achieving this it has necessarily adopted the strategy of simplification and removal of the possibility for human error. It has also made the whole design process from a designers idea to result an abstract system where the emotions and expressions of individualism have swept away. The unique aesthetic and emotional charge that only the human hand and brain can give to an object is essential for the crafts but considered almost as an opposite for industrial production.

I like to think objects as individuals. I want to design objects that touch you and generate a positive feeling, object worth bonding for lifetime. Individualizing object and imbuing them with a sense of personality were key to enabling users to build personal, lasting relationships with them. I want to explore the way in which random factor could contribute character to designed object.

Can I bring more meaningful attitude towards the things we live with? Not only does the design world call for products with more character, more soul, but the experienced consumer also is no longer satisfied with empty promises. Where is the soul that we seek?