Final Degree project BA 2013

How do we interact with each other? Can insights gained from interaction studies be used as a starting point in design? By assuming a explorative and experimentative role during the design process, I have been able to find new methods in my way of working. Using different research methods and applying a sociological approach has allowed for me to work interdisciplinary through out the project. To explore different methods of interaction and how involve others is to broaden the design process and make it more socially relevant.


The result is two benches that serve to question and challenge interaction while in their construction being unpredictable and demanding an interaction between the users. The users must interact to find the balance, stability and trust, both in each other and the objects, that is needed to use the benches. In doing so, the aim is to create not only interaction, but also reflections and spawn ideas from the users. I aim to encourage discussions on interaction and social issues in the public space through these benches