Annie Thought of Herself as a Collector of Souls


The heart of this collection lies within the overwhelming experience in being a human. In this part of the world. At this time. An easy-access world that penetrates people's minds, an offensive world. To find stillness in a time that never stops pounding at your door. Having it all, except peace of mind.

The starting point of the process has been about gathering pieces, small bits of time-stopping stardust, and keeping them deep inside. Decorating a world that no one reaches. Creating a time that follows your own heart rhythm. A place you can turn to when the real world fails. Or maybe, by carefully creating this source of gathered concentrated life and letting it radiate inside the chest and permeate all that you do, then maybe, one might be able to charge the surroundings with the same vibrant energy.

An experimental and emotional process is giving birth to a shielding membrane for this fragile world of souls, stating what is inside, and what is outside. To a great extent run by feeling, the collection is an attempt to reflect, but also to protect this collective treasure. Making sure we do not lose the world we have so thoroughly built. The world that makes us who we are.