Poor unfortunate souls. Foto: Ninja Hanna

In my collection, Poor Unfortunate Souls, I investigate a modern rebel through fashion- and pop cultural icons such as the american flag and the pirate. Through the process of making the collection the flag became the base for the color theme and the pirate a symbol for the rebel.

The main focus within the process was to define this rebel. What he would look like, who he was.

Through illustration and artworks I created a muse that symbolizes my pirate. By com- bining this character with marine themed objects in my illustrations, such as the rope, I found inspiration for booths silhouettes and materials.


The artworks is also visible as print in the collection. All prints are printed by hand, to mimic the way a tattoo on skin is made. The result is a collection of six outfits and was shown at Berns in Stockholm, may 2013.