New Way Out - Beckmans interprets IKEA's brief at Stockholm Furniture Fair

A balcony in Stockholm or Shanghai or perhaps a picnic in the park? Outdoor life has been the focus when the final-year students of the Product Design Programme at Beckmans College of Design have designed products for outdoor spaces around the world with the support and sponsorship of IKEA. 

Products for urban outdoor rooms

The balcony or the small patio, or the temporary outdoor space created by a picnic are all different types of outdoor rooms in which urban comtemporary people like to spend time. This has been the basis for product ideas developed by the students. Many of the products can be used both indoors and outdoors thus challenging the usual division. Some of them provide answers to recurring problems, others formulate new questions. Some designs are familiar while others are completely or partly new.

Exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Welcome to the exhibition New Way Out at Beckmans College of Design's showcase VH01: 06 in the Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The exhibition is inaugurated Tuesday, February 9th at 15:00.

Support and sponsorship by IKEA 

The eight-week course in furniture design is a collaboration with IKEA, who has provided the students with the brief and contributed to the project with workshops and prototyping. Through a partnership with Microsoft the Product Design students have had Surface Pro 3 as a tool in the sketching process.

Communication by the students in Visual Communications 

The second-year students in Visual Communications have created all of the communication in the project. Films, pictures, graphic design, web and show case is their vision of the concept New Way Out.

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Product Design: Anna Sjöberg, Aron Lidström, Benjamin Curtis, Elina Johansson, Isa Andersson, Johanna Palm, Isa Andersson, Kristina Kruuna, Malin Berglund, Märta Hägglund, Sanna Gripner, Sara Sjöbäck, Tim Karlsson, Tina Eklund and Vera Panichewskaja.

Visual Communications: Maria Ahlgren, Alf Afén, Joakim Aronsson, Emil Balesic, Linnéa Carlsson, Greta Colloca, Liza Forslund, Tobias Gerhardsson, Denise Hedström, Isak de Jong, Erik Kölare, Jakob Smedhagen and Sebastian Örtegren.


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