Teacher exchange with UDEM in Mexico

Enrico Gualersi is new deputy Senior Lecturer at the Product Design Program. He used to work at the design college UDEM in Monterrey, Mexico, where Janne Loftén, Senior Lecturer in Product Design, is currently at a teacher's exchange program.

Enrico Gualersi is an industrial designer and an artist and is now teaching our students in product design and sketch techniques. Enrico has a BA in Industrial Design from Konstfack and an MA in Transport Design from the Royal College of Art in London. During the past eight years he has been setting up and teaching at the Transport Design Program at UDEM in Monterrey.

"I'm above all a designer with a great interest in the social and technological aspects of design, how the development of technology affects us, the society and the world. But I also enjoy working with the future vision of what design should be, which is a major part of what higher education in design is about," says Enrico.

Besides teaching here at Beckmans, Enrico is currently setting up a 3D-lab at the college.

Janne Loftén, in turn, will teach design methodology as well as interior design in wood at UDEM.

"I'm very much looking forward to working in a different culture and to collaborate with other programs such as Architecture. The college also has enormous resources , a whole room full of 3D-printers and laser cutters. And I will of course enjoy the warm weather!", says Janne.


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