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Creative directors: Nicole Kärnell, Josefin Janson, Elin Mejergren
Fashion designers: Hanna Henrikson, Joanna Mäki, Christina Wessén

NK Bastard is the illegitimate child of the department store, giving a sense of defamation to NK’s traditional, time-honoured premises. Our label unites NK with idiosyncratic fashion design, resulting in surprising bastards in the borderland between the established and the unexpected. Our first bastards are a cross between styles from 1990s kitsch and couture, a chlorine bleached family tree and the nooks and crannies of a clandestine love affair. The bastards engendered by this disparate union give us a warped, evocative imagery that welcomes us into the mire.

Hanna Henrikson
In a way they reveal and hide each another, outer and undergarments are in a symbiotic relationship. The inspiration comes from impossible and forbidden love affairs, and both parties play their respective parts, just like in a relationship; one could not exist without the other.

Joanna Mäki
A collection that explores the notion of luxury. What does it represent? What is significant? What is not considered to be luxurious? Is it couture or kitsch, extravagant or minimalist – or could it be both at the same time? The result is a “Luxury bastard”, an illegitimate cross-breed

Christina Wessén
The idea that a garment can be part of a family tree, and that a collection could be traced back in time, is the point of departure for this collection. The dominant genes are bleached fabrics and oversized shapes. The genome also includes a patterned three-piece suit that has been cross-bred with other garments to engender new offspring.

Directors: Nicole Kärnell, Josefin Janson, Elin Mejergren DoP and Edit: Conjunction: Jens Klevje och Fabian Svensson Models and Actors: Olga Henriksson, Léonie Vincent, Roger Dupé, Katriina Ruottinen, Sigge Nässil Music: Kriget Stylist: Erik Annerborn Hair and Make up: Emily McWilliam

Fågelbro Golf & Country Club, Mikas, Eco dive, Dagsljus, Optisound, Valhallabageriet, Hanna Hein, Rebecca Ral

Hanna Henrikson:
Mirjam Waltre, Magdalena Piehl, Familjen Henrikson, Louise Karlsson, Lisa Nilsson, Sofia Hydman, Matilda Peterson, Josefin Janson, Nicole Karnell, Elin Mejergren

Joanna Mäki:
Cathrin Lehto, Bertil Mäki, Maj-lis Lehto, Ulrika Borg

Christina Wessen:
Nicole Kärnell, Josefin Janson, Elin Mejergren

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Creative directors: Felix Andersson, Magdalena Piehl, Henrik Eriksen
Fashion designers: Malin Dubois, Emma Hanseklint, Lisa Holmberg

Encounter No 1 is the first in a series of unexpected encounters between designers arranged by NK with the intention of creating interesting, innovative collections. This is NK’s way of highlighting new designers and giving the department store a contemporary influence, as as a place of constant change. Since the concept is based on unpredictability, there are innumerable possibilities for who will meet whom in Encounter No 2, Encounter No 3, and so on. The new encounters are not launched seasonally but will take place unexpectedly at any time of year.

Malin Dubois
Strength, femininity and the need to defend oneself against the world are the key words for a collection that should be perceived as beautiful and elegant, yet with a measure of coarseness. Both soft and hard materials have been used, while the colour scheme is muted to enhance the outline of the wearer.

Emma Hanseklint
A collection with different textures and copper accessories. The collection is inspired by how people’s previous experiences make them interpret identi- cal impressions in different ways. The hues of a specific landscape have been used to symbolise the filter of past experiences that colours our perception.

Lisa Holmberg
A rendezvous between skewed ugliness, and sophisticated beauty. The inspiration comes from home decorating on the periphery of “tastefulness”; the bombastic, kitsch interior and the shabby, dilapidated interior. Dirty colours and over-ornate, unneat materials, contrast against clean, pristine surfaces. Together, they form a kind of rough, unpolished elegance.

Directors, Creative directors and Editors: Felix Andersson, Henrik Eriksen, Magdalena Piehl Choreographer: Linnea Lindh DoP: Erik Nordlund Assistant camera: Per Svensson Gaffer: Niklas Panthell Stylist: Cecilia Granström Make up: Lisa Stenlid Hair: Kim Ikonen Production manager: Simon Larsson Second assistant camera: Kristoffer Larberg Still photography: Erik Wåhlström Sound design: Mattias Eklund Colourist: Annika Pehrson Models: Olivia, Nisch Management, Stina, Angelica, Kid of Tomorrow Music: Blackbird Blackbird

Ljud & Bildmedia, Stopp, Dagsljus, SLHF/Ragnar Fransson, Red Bull, Ljudligan, Odenlab, Teenage Engineering, ProCenter, Vitamin Well, Gooh!, Brandkåren Attunda, Wrapson, Nisch Management,

Emma Hanseklint:
Annie Hagvil, Magdalena Piehl, Felix Andersson, Henrik Eriksen, Cecilia Granström, Fredrik Broander, Lina Broström, Helena Hanseklint, Kjell Hanseklint, Margareta Bäck Sundström

Lisa Holmberg:
Lena Holmberg, Anders Larsson, Mari Pettersson, Felix Andersson, Henrik Eriksen, Magdalena Piehl, Cecilia Granström

Malin Dubois:
Frida Askinger, Margareta Bäck Sundström, Felix Andersson, Henrik Eriksen, Magdalena Piehl, Cecilia Granström

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Creative directors: Sara Carleberg, Klara Sandqvist, Katarina Jansson
Fashion designers: Johannes Leijonberg, Elsa Suneson, Cassandra Yue

The essence of Away! is being on the move. The label brings together stylistically disparate collections that share the ambition of reflecting personality. Away! is about inspiring people to challenge themselves to follow their own path. Like the people wearing the clothes, Away!

Johannes Leijonberg
If you walk into a pitch-black room you can’t see a thing. But be patient – the details will emerge gradually. Several layers. Wool. Shiny satin. A collection all in black, where the careful tailoring and attention to detail allude to military clothing – but in daylight they cast a much more feminine shadow. And the collection is for people who travel. A wardrobe to carry on your body.

Elsa Suneson
A collection inspired by the movie Diary of a Mad Housewife and the character Tina, a desperate and frustrated 1970s housewife in New York. The style in this movie and the idea of losing oneself while waiting for the career-obsessed husband becomes inconsistent with the glamorised life of a housewife. Her monotonous lifestyle has inspired the embroidery, as a symbol of repetition, stasis and boredom.

Cassandra Yue
The source of inspiration here is Miss Goody-Goody, with her packed after-school schedule: ballet classes, piano lessons, gymnastics training – and not forgetting the horse she’s had for as long as she can remember. She is impatient to become a grown-up, and often snoops through her big sister’s wardrobe. Her own, with shirts, sweatshirts, riding waistcoats and club blazers, takes a big step forward, towards a personal transformation.

Directors: Sara Carleberg, Klara Sandqvist, Katarina Jansson DoP: Klas Hjertberg Gaffer: Aimar Bergan Models: Lovisa, Nisch Management, Johannes Leijonberg, Isabel Nylund Stylist: Tove Öberg-Runfors Hair and Makeup: Sara Eriksson, Jessica Gilenmyr Grading: Esteban Music: Thomas Carlsson Sound mix: Stopp Voice recording: A-stream Studio

Daniel Seifter at Lydmar Hotel, Olof Barr och Sebastian Grunewald at Esteban, Mathias at Nisch Management, Stopp, Aldo, Eivy Flodins Parfumerie, Alexander Avelin at A-stream Studio, Jesse Whistler, Nadja Pekkola-Pacheco, Sari Pekkola

Johannes Leijonberg:
Beryl Leijonberg, Tim Mårtensson

Elsa Suneson:
Ingrid Bodén, Klara Suneson, Eva Agdler Suneson, Anders Suneson, Erik Litzén, Camilla Morath, Kattis Jansson, Klara Sandqvist, Sara Carleberg, Isabel Nylund, Tove Öberg-Runfors, Lady Oscar Wilhelmsson, Martin Persson, Niklas Zander, Alina Brane

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Creative directors: Carl Rapp, Calle Liljendahl
Fashion designers: Erik Litzén, Evalena Jonsson, Camilla Morath

Joseph Sachs, the founder of NK, envisioned NK as a stage for contem- porary life. He wanted to bring the world to Sweden, and Sweden to the world. We want to build on this vision. Chapters by NK selectively invites Swedish and international fashion designers to create a unique, limited collection for NK. Each collection is presented by a creative team for visual communication. Each designer collection is personified by one character. This character is given a separate chapter that plays a part in the overall story of Chapters by NK. We have produced the first three chapters of Chapters by NK. For more information please visit

Erik Litzén
An attempt to capture and present a new, male ideal. Cutting methods and other techniques from women’s fashion were used to modify the silhouette and attitude of typical garments from the classic men’s wardrobe, with a focus on casual clothes such as the polo shirt, corduroy trousers and hoodies.

Evalena Jonsson
Traditional functional men’s clothing – based on classic, British garments used for hunting and riding – are combined with materials and textures inspired by a science fiction-like underwater world. These garments have a new, futuristic and feminine appeal and are adapted to the requirements of a style-conscious urban woman.

Camilla Morath
A collection designed for a strong, intelligent woman with attitude. It was inspired by a few major female 1990’s protagonists in films such as Léon, Run Lola Run and The Fifth Element, generating a more elegant street style, with garments originating in familiar models that have been combined, reinterpreted and given new details.

Chapter 1, Erik Litzén Creative directors: Carl Rapp, Calle Liljendahl Director: Max Vitali Producer: Nils Ljunggren DoP: Mattias Rudh Assistant camera: Jens Harvard Editor: Igor Zimmermann FAD: John Hichens Production manager: Johan Anstérus DIT: Gustaf Boman Bränngård Grip: Anders Hedqvist Stylist: Martin Persson Hair and Make up: Oliver Andersson Sound design: Calle Buddee Roos Model: Adam Petterson Catering: Jack Carlsson Catering assistent: Robin Carlsson Colourists: Björn Frithiof, Stopp, Mark Gethin

Chapter 2, Evalena Jonsson Creative directiors: Carl Rapp, Calle Liljendahl Director: Nådde Hanson Producer: Nikola Adamovic Editor: Simon Pontén Written by: Aron Levander, Hans Jörnlind FAD: John Hichens Assistant camera: Fred Thustrup Actors: Michelle Medows, Johanna Tschig Stylist: Martin Persson Make up: Oliver Andersson Hair: Karl Eklund Production manager: Johan Anstérus Casting: Catharina Alinder

Chapter 3, Camilla Morath Creative directors: Carl Rapp, Calle Liljendahl Director: Daniel Eskils Producer: Johan Junker DoP: Erik Sohlström Written by: Daniel Eskils, Aron Levander, Hans Jörnlind FAD: John Hichens Assistant camera: Olle Kirchmeier Model: Agnes Aldén Stylist: Martin Persson Make up: Oliver Andersson Hair: Karl Eklund DIT: Fred Thustrup Production manager: Johan Anstérus Post production: The Line Sound: Riviera

Hans and Inger Risberg, Gustaf and Maria Ridderstolpe, Christian and Frida Ridderstolpe, Johan Wiking, Gooh!, Wrapson, Red Bull, Stopp, Mikas, Art Official Agency, The Line, Kameraten, Ljud & Bild Media, Bonne Femme, Ryska Posten, Callboy, Fiholm, Hotel Stureplan, Auto Biluthyrning. For a full list of acknowledgements, please see

Erik Litzén:
Lisa Litzén, Bertil Litzén, Gerd Litzén, Martin Persson, Camilla Morath, Eva Lena Jonsson, Carl Rapp, Calle Lijendahl

Evalena Jonsson:
Martin Persson, Erik Litzén, Camilla Morath, Calle Liljendahl, Carl Rapp, Eva Wiklund, Johannes Schildt, Sara Litzén

Camilla Morath:
Calle Liljendahl, Carl Rapp, Martin Persson, EvaLena Jonsson, Erik Litzén, Maria Morath, Sara Litzén

NK Collection — Four visions by Beckmans College of Design
In four concepts with NK department store as their starting point, students at Beckmans College of Design programmes for Fashion and Advertising and Graphic Design illustrate how NK could approach fashion design and visual communications in the future. The students have studied NK’s history and current product range, and came up with unexpected global encounters, a playful take on male and female, and new approaches to express personal style. The results are presented in fashion films, digital communication, design programmes and a total of twelve fashion collections. The exhibition is produced by final-year students at Beckmans College of Design, in collaboration with Nordiska Kompaniet

Project campaign
Creative directors: Adam Gäfvert, Fredrik Broander, Jesper Stein

The overall creative concept for this project is built around the question: What will happen when Sweden’s most sophisticated department store NK meets the creative students at Beckmans College of Design?
We turned the creative concept for this project into a campaign that highlights NK as a place for the curious and the brave and also establishes NK’s roll on the contemporary fashion scene. The campaign includes a commercial, an online web exhibition, PR, printing material and the exhibition design.

Credits for the campaign film
Directors and Art Directors: Adam Gäfvert, Fredrik Broander, Jesper Stein DoP: Erik Persson Assistant camera: Katarina Bbaale Actor: Basia Frydman Dog: Kerstin Gaffer: Rolf Carlbom Production managers: Jenny Hedberg, Benkt Wästlund Hair and Make up: Madeleine Törnqvist af Ström Stylist: Lisa Laurell Amandomnico, Alina Brane Colourist: Kaj Ivanovic, The Chimney Pot Sound design: Magnus Andersson Lagerqvist, Rivera Music: Lou by Boeoes Kaelstigen, Tanum Teleport Assistant: Lukas Nässil

Dagsljus, Suzanne Hedberg, Riviera, The Chimney Pot, Red Pipe, Bring, NK Style, NK Details, Fia Sundevall, Wilson Kalanzi, Östermalms Smoking & Frackuthyrning, Royal Dramatic Theatre, Tor Rauden Källstigen, Anja Palmgren, Afshin Moeini, Yanto Egerö, The Hermelin family, Annika Berner, Henrik Hallberg, Anton Granström, Viktor Pyk, Jacob Åström, Jakob Ohlsson, Désirée Maurd, Philippe Tempelman, Kian Zubikcy, Petrus Höckertt.

Credits for this site
Artic Studios


©Fotograf Peter Knutsson

This website accompanies the exhibition NK Collection—Four visions by Beckmans College of Design at NK department store. The project is a collaboration between Beckmans College of Design and Nordiska Kompaniet, Stockholm.

Place and time:
In the big entrance, Ljusgården,
Friday 28 th of October – Sun 6th of November
Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10 – 20. Saturday: 10 – 18. Sunday: 12 – 17.

Guided tours daily 15 – 16.