Kaja Solgaard - Poetic Interaction

23 Maj, 2011

Fotograf Kaja Solgaard

Designing for the body, with the body. It sounds logical to create a function and experience for the body in this way. By studying people who are leaning,
forms are created between the wall and the body. The composition of the furniture is based on these shapes.
The wall couch enhance an existing way of using the body and rewards it. It has no attached norms or guidelines on how to use or not use. This gives a
freedom to the interaction and invite the body to use it in different ways. Sitting on the floor and leaning, stand on your hands, run into it or lean with your whole body. The cushions are in different sizes, forms and stand out in different ways which makes it possible to have a dynamic interaction. Different bodies will have different experiences. My intention is to give a new freedom on how to use
the body's sense of touch and create alternatives to the routine movements we do in our homes and spaces.

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Kategorier: Examen 2011, Form