Amandah Andersson - Psychological Anatomy

1 Feb, 2012

Photographer: Kristian Löveborg
The subconscious, the human's psychological body, is the inspiration for the concept, materials and garments in this collection. To reach an understanding of the physical and mental; what is happening within and around us, night and day. Our outer shell, our skin, and the atmosphere around us, as much as inside us. The shell as a door between different worlds.

Explorations of Surrealist art, nature and the human body together evolve into materials that interpret human skin, forms of weight, layer on layer and pieces of an abstract puzzle that become either dreams or actions. Or maybe both.
Just as in human life and psyche, where the process is primary, this is also a collection based on experimental and intuitive actions. An attempt to understand the abstract and the individual content man carries. Every day, every night, everywhere.



Högupplöst bild

Kategorier: Mode, Material 2012