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by AGoodID

Winners of the Gallerian Fashion Award

21 Nov, 2006 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

This year’s winners of the Gallerian Fashion Award were Nicole Janota and Marika Andersson, final-year students of Fashion and Advertising & Graphic Design. Together they produced a concept for Twilfit.

The Gallerian Fashion Award is the name of a collaboration between Beckmans College of Design and Gallerian. It is also a scholarship worth SEK70,000 distributed for best fashion concept; the only award in Sweden that rewards the collaboration between fashion designers and graphic communicators.
    This year, 13 teams from the top form in Fashion and Advertising & Graphic Design produced one concept each for 13 exisiting fashion companies. The concepts were realised as a fashion collection and an image picture with the task of conveying a photographic concept.
    Nicole Janota and Marika Andersson produced a concept for Twilfit which was named Outline: ”Twilfit’s new line Outline meets the well-being of the modern woman also outside the home. The clothes are inspired by favourite garnments that you wear at home, for a world that is often hard and demanding. A dressing gown to go shopping in, a nightshirt to go out in, soft garnments to wear in the company of friends. Outline is a tailored well-being outside your door. Welcome outside.”
    Outline was chosen as the winner by a jury including: John Scarisbrick, photographer, Jonny Johansson, designer (Acne), Camilla Sundin, designer (Nakkna), Catrin Vagnemark, creative director (BVD), and Johanna Gottzén chairman of Gallerian’s Association of Companies.
    The motivation of the jury reads: ”A unique conept idea that comments on the company’s history. The choice of material and construction strenghtens the company’s tradition and idea about quality and brings the company into the future.”

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